Monday, March 24, 2008

I've had worse Mondays

Today wasn't amazing. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by my schoolwork (another long story, but the short version is that a LOT of crap happened to our family this year, and I have also missed school due to illness quite a bit. Was this winter really bad, cold/virus wise, for anyone else?). 

However, I actually made it to the gym this morning! I am slowly working on running again, for a while there I was either sick or injured so I haven't been doing it as much as I'd like to. The weather is improving-- maybe son it will be warm enough for a jog outside!! :)

Well, I can't think of anything else to say at the moment, so I guess I'll jump into the tale of the steaming pile of poo that is my school career. 
When I left for my ED treatment freshman year of high school, I got a little behind, but not too bad. I could have finished that up in summer school. But then I decided that " I wasn't ready" to go back to public school the next year, so I self-taught. Alone. In the library, every day. It sucked. It also was really bad for my recovery, too, because I was so isolated. It was also tough because there were no teachers-- I had to read the books and do the work all by myself. I suffer from un-motivated-ness when it comes to schoolwork, so I didn't finish it all.
Then, when I decided to come back the next year, I was severely behind.

So, I had to finish English, and a whole math course-- which I did. Then, on January 5 of this year, my house burnt down. (That's a whole other story. ) Yep. Awesome. And guess what was in my room? Yep. My math. And my backpack. And my ROOM.

So we had to live in a hotel for a while, and now we are renting a temporary house near town. 
I missed school (a week and a bit) for that too, so I am more behind. Then I got sick twice, and got more behind. ARG. 

Oh, and then the school tells me that "I never finished Civics and World Issues" (both sophmore classes--I'm a senior), though they said before that I had, so now I have to take those classes too, and I feel very awkward. Ah, whatever.

So what do I do instead of homework? I go online. *smacks self* hehe.

Yeah, so I should probably go do that.  :)

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