Sunday, April 27, 2008

No internet (eek)!

Hi people (if anyone reads this blog, lol! )!

I have been completely M.I.A., I know. the reason (main reason, anyway) is that we are without internet at home for the time being!
As I am an utter and complete internet junkie, this sucks. lol.

Another reason I haven't posted (besides the fact my life is boring and I suck at blogging) is that I am really unsure of myself at the moment... I feel a bit lost. I don't know what I want, who I want to I want to be, or what I even really value in myself or how I define myself.

Fucking confusing. 

My workouts haven't been too great, my eating definitely hasn't been too great, and all in all I fell like most of what I post would be whining about "What the heck am I doing? How can I be happy? How do I get my motivation back?"

So, there you go, that's where I am right now.

I hope you all are happy and thriving! :D

Friday, April 18, 2008


I went. I "farlek-ed" again. lol! sorry, I'm a little giddy. It is SO WARM out today, like over 70*. YES!
Ok, I won't put this in every time, but I didn't do exactly the route I said I would, so I am putting it in again right now. I just feel like it. :p

I'm feeling a bit bipolar right now. Yesterday was a really low day for me, and today is so much better so far!

I am trying to make food not such a focus in my life-- and when I eat, have it be light, (read: don't stuff self), healhty, and functional. So far today, so good.

So, it's so pretty out today and I felt like dressing up, which always helps one's mood-- and my leopard-print high heels (yes, it was an AWESOME impulse buy. ).

I'm going to go get an iced coffee at my sister's coffee place. :)

(Insert "Determined Face" Here)

I will come back and post after I have GONE FOR A RUN on this gorgeous day.

No being a lazy ass, Julia.


EDIT: Ok I just have to state that I am incredibly smelly today, and need to go so I can come back and shower. Hehe.
No but seriously.  I am rank.

Edit#2:  Here is the route I am going on NOW.   I will most likely walk most of it. I am mainly putting this here because embedding things is awesome and I feel very high-tech.  Hahaha.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No laziness, or else!

I went for a run again yesterday! It sucked again though. I'll get it back-- I just need to get into the swing o' things.

I walked most of it, again, and actually halfway through I stopped back at my house for like 40 minutes because I was getting too many cramps.  :(

Then I went back out. It was about 4.5-ish miles total (not sure exactly because I suck at roads, lol).
 A run that usually would take me 40 min. took me an hour the other day and 55-ish minutes yesterday. A little better! (...Not counting the sitting in between...)

btw, if anyone likes to run ( /bike /even swim, I think) outside, is awesome. Really useful.

I've decided to stop buying pudding mix and little yogurts because I can't be trusted around them...I will eat only that and I really am feeling the need for some healthy food (like fruit and veggies and protein) right about now.

Yeah, so not much interesting here...Gonna do some gluteal work today, my bum has deflated once again...haha
It's GORGEOUS out, but I don't feel the motivation to go for a run. Probably tomorrow though.

Yesterday sucked, but I am GOING to get off the computer ASAP and GO. TO. THE. GYM. or I will kick my own butt.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cutting back

My mom decided that today she would sit me and my sister down for a "family meeting" (insert eye roll here), and tell us that we are poor and need to cut back even more.
And that we both need to get jobs, which I don't mind, I want one, but still. I have always--since I was very little-- been worried about money and whether we have enough to get things we need. Part of me resents that, because most kids don't usually worry about that especially at age 6, but I think that skill will also serve me well in life now that I am 18 and a "grown up" who has to do her taxes. Le sigh.

Also, I can't seem to get a handle on my eating-- I can't just have a "meal" and stop, it's constant snacking. It's like, once I start eating, I have to eat till I am in pain, and I don't like that. I need to fix that.
It makes my workouts suck too. :(

So I guess today isn't going to be the best of days but who knows, maybe it will turn around.
I wanted to get up early and go straight to the gym, but then I ended up waking up at 8:30, which is late for me, and then eating the entire world and yeah.

I need to call my dad about taxes and do homework, and apply for jobs.....


Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mmm, I feel good today.
I went to yoga last night and then I went for a run this morning/afternoon. It took me an hour. :(

To be honest, my "run" was more like a "walk", with a little running thrown in here and there. I just can't tell when to stop eating before I go so I don't get cramps!

I was all set to go to the gym, but then I heard it's supposed to be a high of 70* today (WOOT!) and I was all "Hell, naw. I'ma gonna go for a run."

*sighs happily* I LOVE running outside more than almost anything. well, that's a lie, but I like it a lot.

I'm going to go for a walk outside later-- the birds are all singing, it's still sunny (though they said it was supposed to rain), and the flowers are out! AND it smells like spring! AND its vacation!

I hope you all have AMAZING days!

(food choices today/lately...not so hot, but today cancels that out b/c it's so nice out. I need motivation to do better in that area though.)

Edit: Ooooh, I am SORE! yesterday I not only did yoga, which makes one sore if one hasn't done it in forever (see: me), but that AM I had done weights too. assisted pullups, (lol I can tell I babysit too much, that word makes me think of diapers and "I'm a big kid now!"<--in singsong ), situps, weighted lunges, deadlifts, i think some other stuff.
so, now my armpits and shoulders/chest hurt like a mofo and my legs are stiff.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Mmmm, yoga.

I went to yoga tonight for the first time in months.  I don't see hoe anyone can try yoga and not fall in love with it. Yoga is ah-mazing. :)
It was mainly stretching this time-- my two main instructors are psychic, I think, because each class seems to be exactly what I want or need that day.

Oh, and did I mention that it is officially APRIL VACATION??!?!? Yeah! This week seemed like it would never. end. Especially today, it just dragggggged

So if you can't tell already, I suck at consistently blogging. Sorry. You're really not missing much. heh

Plans for vaca:   Work, a lot, and make money, because I am flat BROKE and want to buy stuff. :(     Oh, and do some homework too....I guess..... 

I thought this blog was going to be about health/fitness/food but seeing as I (at the moment) never eat "real" meals (I just snack on what I feel like eating, all day) unless I am at school and have to take along food, and also seeing as I have no camera anymore (*tear*), I think that's going to take a backseat for now.

Happy Friday everyone! Is anyone else as happy as I am that The Office premiered (finally!) yesterday-- and Bones is premiering on Monday?!?! 

I think I love TV just a lil too much. lol! :)