Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Overwhelmed, and I miss my camera

Too. Much. Schoolwork. 
Which is why this will be uber-short...

I miss my digital camera. It is really weird to not have anything you are used to having, and have had, for years...
Like, ALL my stuff.
I actually made some real "meal-type things" today (I was way too proud of myself for that, hehe), and I wished I could add some "oomph" to this blog (everyone knows blogs without pictures are boring). 

Usually, I just snack all day-- with the exception of lunch, because I have to pack that. 
I'm working on my eating habits...I'm pretty healthy, but I definitely could do better.

No gym today, and that made it pooier.
Oh, and I dropped my cell phone in the toilet (seriously), not sure how, and now it is flipping out and doesn't work. I am hoping that plugging it in will help.
Oh dang, how will I sat an alarm tomorrow? Ah well. 

Ok, seriously need to study Arabic; I have a test tomorrow. 
It's frickin' hard! 

Happy Tuesday? I thought it was Wednesday for a minute a while ago, and I got all excited...oh well.

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