Friday, April 4, 2008

I haven't posted since when?

Well, I have a good reason-- schoolwork. Ugh.
Apparently I owe a buttload of work in 3 different classes and they all chose to tell me within the same 2 days-- I thought I was caught up! Dammit. 
Anywho, there is always so much drama (at least lately) in my little otherwise boring world. 

I had something happen to my throat a few days ago--no idea what really happened--but you know when you get something stick in your throat, something like a chip or something scratchy, how it hurts like a bitch?  Well, I hadn't eaten anything like that all day, but it hurt so incredibly bad, like there was something in my throat. I was in so much pain that I resorted to gagging myself to try and get whatever it was out-- but it was bloody! And it still hurt! My mom thought it was a side effect of the Prozac, and contacted my doc, who said to stop it just in case (though she had never heard of that as being a side effect before).
So the next day, it didn't hurt at al, but the days after that have hurt very badly-- it's hard to swallow.

I can't really afford to go to a doctor, and I'm hoping it will heal on its own with soft foods, etc.

Ok, so this whole blog so far sounds like my whole life is one big blob of negativity. That's not true! I think I just vent the bad stuff here.

Good things: my cat is crazy and keeps attacking the rug in this house (she never did that at home, lol)
- My mom is getting a job, and working very hard at starting her own yoga therapy/life coach business (woo-hoo!) It's tough going, but she is qualified and I think people will really value her once she gets herself out there.
- my sister is taking control of her life, getting a plan (art school, job, therapy, etc)
- I am....plodding along in school to get out of here, lol
and its SPRING! :)

Happy Friday everyone! 
And thanks to Ashley for visiting/commenting! 


ashley said...

I'm in school, too- and the workload is driving me crazy! Does your semester end soon?

As for the throat, I have to sound like my grandmother here.. Take lots of Vitamin C! But if it is bloody.. that sounds serious!

And thanks for the comment about my hair. The crying period has (almost) passed, so now I just need to get that last bit fixed.

have a great weekend!

dani said...

Yeah, it's the end of the semester now, but it's all makeup work, so it's worse that it is, b/x there is a serious

My throat is feeling better! It was only bloody that first night. Thanks for the advice! :)

Yeah, sometimes a new haircut needs some "tweaking" to get right.

I hope you had a good weekend-- have a great week! :D