Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No laziness, or else!

I went for a run again yesterday! It sucked again though. I'll get it back-- I just need to get into the swing o' things.

I walked most of it, again, and actually halfway through I stopped back at my house for like 40 minutes because I was getting too many cramps.  :(

Then I went back out. It was about 4.5-ish miles total (not sure exactly because I suck at roads, lol).
 A run that usually would take me 40 min. took me an hour the other day and 55-ish minutes yesterday. A little better! (...Not counting the sitting in between...)

btw, if anyone likes to run ( /bike /even swim, I think) outside, is awesome. Really useful.

I've decided to stop buying pudding mix and little yogurts because I can't be trusted around them...I will eat only that and I really am feeling the need for some healthy food (like fruit and veggies and protein) right about now.

Yeah, so not much interesting here...Gonna do some gluteal work today, my bum has deflated once again...haha
It's GORGEOUS out, but I don't feel the motivation to go for a run. Probably tomorrow though.

Yesterday sucked, but I am GOING to get off the computer ASAP and GO. TO. THE. GYM. or I will kick my own butt.


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