Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ah, babysitting

I'm babysitting right now, but the kids are "asleep" (one is, one is banging around in her room, but I was told to ignore it, "she'll settle down", lol).  The older one is about 2 1/2, the younger just over 1. (Yeah, the parents are exhausted...poor guys.) 

This family is the cutest family in the world.  No lie. I love them. Plus they pay me $10/hour, so that's also good...
The kids are adorable, too. BUT, I'm 18 and am seriously unready for kids, so they get on my nerves sometimes (as kids do).

I had a great workout today! I haven't run for the majority of my workout for ages. I walked to the gym (we are living, at the moment, about a mile rocks), only did cardio, cuz it was one of those days and was necessary, and walked home, ate the world, and then got a ride to work. And I will be able to replenish my debit card on Monday! Woot! lol, I'm broke. 

I have an issue with running, especially on a treadmill. I can't run for more than 2 minutes at a time. I suck. But I think--no, I know-- that it is more psychological than physical. That big red STOP button just stares me in the face. It says "Why keep going? You could just stop....just for a know you want to. C'mon. Do it."
I think over time though, it has turned into a physical issue, which I am working on. Slowly. lol.

I do prefer to run outside, but I am also a cold wuss, so the weather has to be perfect to do that...which in the northeast rarely occurs.

Wow, my blog is boring. :(  

Hey, I know, lets talk about food! Hehe.
I made the greatest sandwich for luch tomorrow. I love having to go to school and take food along- it forces me to eat quasi-healthy, because it's all I have...

Anyway, I used a La Tortilla Factory Fit 'n' Healthy Tomato Basil wrap, and I put fat free cream cheese, pesto, tomato, Lightlife soy bologna, onion, light mozzarella, baby spinach, pepper, and oregano...and I think that's it... 

School sucks, and my lunch is the highlight of my day. How sad. Haha. 

My sister has moved back from Cali, and I have mixed feelings about that.....I love her TO DEATH and we are uber-close, but also she is a pain in the ass. Lol!
I'm excited for her though, becuase she actually has a plan for her life (the lack of which has caused her a great deal of stress in the past).

I could go on and on about the inane crap in my life, but I will spare you and stop here. 
Hopefully I'll get a camera soon.

You know what's kind of weird? The longer I am not living in my old house, the more I miss it-- and it seems the less I am used to it.
I really fucking miss it right about now. I think we have decided to rebuild though, so yay!

Oh, I think I hear the baby waking up. 

Tomorrow is Monday....le sigh.... 


ashley said...

$10 an hour to watch cute kids? Wow!

I'm the complete opposite way with the treadmill v. outdoors issue. I see the time on the treadmill and can adjust a set speed- so I have an exact way to measure myself and tell me when I can stop... but running outside, I will jog for 1 minutes, slow down.. and quit! I guess the numbers can be my friends :)

Have a great Sunday evening- I think they are the best!

dani said...

yeah, I used to get 8, but they gave me a raise a year after i started to 9 and then again when my house burnt down.

Good for you-- I used to be that way, but I got lazy. haha!

Thanks, you too!

Kate said...

wow....i just read your story, and mine is very similar, except, I am a sophomore in high school and developed anorexia in 7th grade. I too went to a mental hospital, and although they had an eating disorder wing, didn't receive proper treatment!! And, I'm a lot shorter than you. At 5'3, my lowest weight was 76. But, I'm a lot healthier now, and also LOVE to run. In fact, i want to work for Runner's world or a major marathon one day!! Great blog!!

dani said...

hey, thanks so much for stopping by! :)
I think that hospitals just don't really know what to do with ED people.... it's tough, ya know?
I am SO glad you are healthier now! Congrats!

How much do you run? just curious. I wish Iran more, but I am trying to work up to it, as I keep getting hurt or something and it keeps me from doing it...maybe I'm just lazy. lol.