Friday, April 18, 2008


I went. I "farlek-ed" again. lol! sorry, I'm a little giddy. It is SO WARM out today, like over 70*. YES!
Ok, I won't put this in every time, but I didn't do exactly the route I said I would, so I am putting it in again right now. I just feel like it. :p

I'm feeling a bit bipolar right now. Yesterday was a really low day for me, and today is so much better so far!

I am trying to make food not such a focus in my life-- and when I eat, have it be light, (read: don't stuff self), healhty, and functional. So far today, so good.

So, it's so pretty out today and I felt like dressing up, which always helps one's mood-- and my leopard-print high heels (yes, it was an AWESOME impulse buy. ).

I'm going to go get an iced coffee at my sister's coffee place. :)


chandra said...

Lepord print heels?! Sounds like something I'd buy! :)

romina said...

Dressing up is so much fun!! I hoe it helps your mood. I hate feeling moody from one day to the next.

Thanks so much for the guacamole tips!! I loooove salsa (seriously, I go through a jar every few days), so I can't wait!

dani said...

Chandra-- hell yeah. :D my feet hurt SO BAD though, lol. (I blame my old running shoes, not the heels. I'm in denial.)

Romina-- Yay another salsa lover! I'll eat it plain, it's awesome. :)

Thanks to you both for commenting! :)